By Bill Bradley | Special to APSE

So you’ve made it through your flight and arrived at Las Vegas’ Harry Reid Airport (not McCarron, the name changed since you were here two years ago).

Now you’ve checked into the Flamingo resort and are ready for a fun-filled week with your past at the 50th Associated Press Sports Editors conference.

But wait! There are a few important facts and red flags you should know about as you try to navigate your way through the conference events and the Strip.

Who’s all here?

We have more than 150 attendees registered for the APSE conference. This would mark our largest gathering since the pandemic.

Also, we will have 20 past presidents, whom we will be honoring throughout. If you have a random meeting with Dave Smith or Bill Dwyre or Henry Freeman, shake their hand and tell them thank you for blazing more than a few journalism trails.


Weather report: It’s hot

We ordered up some hot temperatures during the conference.

The high temperatures are forecast to be 108 degrees Sunday and Monday, 109 Tuesday and 112 Wednesday. 

No, it’s not a heat dome. It’s just July in Southern Nevada, so take a cab or be careful walking along the Strip. And drink lots of water!

Hey, at least it’s not Phoenix heat, right Emily Horos?

If you’re driving

Some of you will drive here for that memorable cross-country trip or the easy jaunt from Southern California. 

Just be aware: There is construction on the Strip. There is construction along roads parallel to the Strip. There’s construction on roads intersecting the Strip. 

Why so much construction? There’s a F1 race coming in November and the roads are getting repaved so they will look spiffy for world-wide TV. Or when Lewis Hamilton wants to take a selfie with 1,000 fans.

Be patient because there will be traffic.

Parking costs in Vegas

Be ready to pay for parking at the Flamingo and the Cromwell lots. The Cromwell lot is much closer, though it fills up faster.

Nevada residents who show a license and have a Nevada plate can park for 3 hours. Here’s all of the details for the host hotel:

As for the opening ceremony at the Mob Museum, the on-site parking is $8. However, there are a few lots a block away that are only slightly cheaper, so it might be worth it to stick close.

Resume critiques during the conference

Former president Lisa Wilson is arranging resume/clip critiques for students, young journalists and seasoned pros. This will be part of Tuesday morning’s professional development and self-investment session.

Interested? Lisa ( says to email resumes, clips — and even sections or a project — and we’ll line you up with someone who can take a look.

Thai, anyone?

The conference will feature the 10th annual Thai Night and this time it will be on Monday.

Tommy Deas arranges this each year and the Vegas version will be at 8 p.m. at Ocha Thai, located at 1201 S. Las Vegas Blvd. This is the same place the group went two years ago.

The restaurant is about a half-hour cab, Uber or limo ride from the Flamingo so attendees need to gather in the motor lobby at 7:15 p.m. to group up for transportation.

Tommy needs a head count. If you plan on attending, please send him an email at with “Thai Night” in the subject line.

Time for mini-golf

Justin Pelletier will host the fifth APSE summer mini golf championship Tuesday at Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf, located inside the Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) Casino, next door to the Flamingo. 

The course is located in the downstairs mall area of the complex, accessible by entering the street-level casino entrance and walking toward the back, and taking the stairs down one level to the mall area.

First tee is scheduled for 9:15 p.m. A head count is needed to reserve enough tee times, so please send an email to Justin ( if you want to play.

He will attempt to book a group discount. Otherwise, it’s $12 per person. Also, this year’s tournament will see the return of prizes for the top three finishers.