Diversity Pledge

APSE encourages member publications to take the Diversity Pledge: A commitment to interviewing job candidates from underrepresented backgrounds in sports media.

In doing so, APSE will waive its fee for posts on its Jobs & Internships board.

The sports editor is required to have a short phone conversation with APSE Diversity Committee Chairman A. Sherrod Blakely during the recruiting/hiring process. A phone interview or something similar with candidates will satisfy the requirement of the pledge. The organization is not required to bring in candidates for on-site interviews, although it is strongly preferred.

APSE maintains a database of diverse candidates for a variety of sports journalism positions. Organizations participating in the Diversity Pledge are not required to interview candidates from the database, but are encouraged to reference it during the hiring process and discuss potential candidates to add. Journalists are not required to be APSE members for inclusion in the database.

APSE developed the Diversity Pledge in 2019 at the recommendation of then-Diversity Committee Chairman Larry Graham.

For more information about the Diversity Pledge, please contact Blakely at sherrodb111@gmail.com.