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APSE is an organization consisting of nearly 400 sports editors, journalism educators, writers and students which strives to encourage and recognize quality sports journalism and develop quality sports journalists.

We assist members in adapting to a rapidly changing digital publishing age, while continuing to publish robust print editions that live up to our proud newspaper legacies.

When you create an APSE Student Chapter, your students have access to sports journalism leaders at the top newspapers and websites.

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Networking: The No. 1 asset for any aspiring young journalist. This is the most direct line to a coveted internship, or a first full-time job.

Student contest: Compete with the best college sportswriters, bolster you resume, but most importantly have your work critiqued by seasoned editors who will give you an honest look at where you are, and where you need to go with your skills.

Scholarship: APSE offers five $1,250 scholarships each year for students based on their journalistic work, academics, financial need and geography.

Feedback: Reach out to an APSE editor any time of the year and have your resume, cover letter and published (and in some cases, unpublished) articles evaluated.

Regional meetings: Find a one-day regional meeting near you and put yourself in front of the top people in this business. APSE has eight regions nationwide, all of which hold annual gatherings. Learn from the best, and come ready to ask the questions that matter most to you.

National convention: APSE meets every summer for four days, each year in a different location, to make and improve professional connections, socialize, participate in informative panels and discussions, and help each other succeed.

We cannot imagine a college student serious about a career in sports journalism who would not benefit from membership in our organization.

Student Chapter Requirements

Student chapters must apply and be approved by a vote of the APSE executive committee. A prospective chapter must secure:

• A faculty member who will serve as chapter adviser. An adviser pays the educator dues fee upon approval of chapter application by APSE executive committee.

• A roster of interested chapter members, their academic classification and email addresses. No minimum number of chapter members is required, unless a certain number of members is required by the university to become an official student organization. Student chapter members do not have to pay APSE dues, although chapters may set dues for their own use.

• A list of officers or potential officers. A proposed president for the chapter must be in place at time of application. It is recommended each chapter include a vice president and a secretary/treasurer.

• An essay stating why you seek to establish an APSE student chapter and what you hope to achieve through affiliation with APSE. The essay should include details about the adviser’s involvement in the student chapter and also note any professional APSE members who have indicated their willingness to participate in your chapter.

• Written proof from your university your chapter has or will seek to be recognized as an official student organization. Please include requirements regarding such recognition APSE should know about.

Current chapters

University of Missouri, Adviser Pete Bland —

Ohio University, Adviser Matt Cacciato —

Ohio State University, Adviser Nicole Kraft,

Oklahoma, Adviser Seth Prince —

Oklahoma State, Adviser Ted Kian —

Texas, Adviser Kevin Robbins,

Penn State, Adviser John Affleck —

Maryland, Adviser Kaitlyn Wilson —

Alabama, Adviser Tom Arenberg —

North Carolina A&T, Adviser David Squires —

Northwestern, Adviser J.A. Adande —

Indiana University, Adviser Jim Rodenbush —

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