Alumni Relations


  • Maintain contact with former members and APSE presidents to make sure they are informed about organizational issues and can stay as involved as they would like to be.

Career Advancement

Chair: Lisa Wilson /

  • Plan monthly online programming for APSE and its committees.
  • Coordinate the APSE Mentorship program for new editors.


Chair: Hank Winnicki /

  • Work with president to maintain contact with commissioners and chief executives of major sporting leagues.
  • Organize annual commissioner meetings in New York, with preferred attendance.


Chair: Gary Potosky /

  • Attend winter meeting to discuss and determine sessions for the annual conference.
  • Coordinate plans for a program reflective of APSE committee activities.
  • Provide workshops and general sessions of relevance and interest to members of all-size papers and media companies.
  • May be assigned specific tasks to help organize the summer conference.


Chair: Dan Spears /

  • Solicit member feedback on writing, video, multimedia and digital contests.
  • Help the contests evolve and meet membership expectations and needs.
  • Streamline and improve entry process.


Chair: A. Sherrod Blakely /

  • Work with the president to help run and ensure success of APSE Diversity Fellowship Program.
  • Help administer the APSE Diversity Pledge.
  • Plan sessions for national conference and regional meetings.
  • Serve as liaison between APSE and NABJ, NAHJ, NAJA, AAJA and AWSM.
  • Work with the program for SJI as needed.

Legal Affairs & Ethics

Co-chairs: Gerry Ahern and John Cherwa / and

  • Consider questions involving legal, ethical and credential issues.
  • Advise officers and membership.
  • Craft appropriate responses and inquiries from the organization.


Chair: Jason Murray /

  • Recruit and retain APSE members.
  • Track and inform membership about staff changes throughout the nation.
  • Inform public on APSE news and issues through social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Work with the APSE president and officers to spearhead membership drives.
  • Assist regional chairs in planning at least one session at each regional meeting geared for editors of small papers and websites.
  • Field inquiries from prospective student members and chapters.
  • Coordinate affairs surrounding student chapters and student membership.
  • Collaborate with regional chairs on activities at university campuses.
  • Coordinate student-produced and student-related content for the website.
  • Direct student activities at conventions.
  • Represent student membership in meetings.


Chair: Roxanna Scott /

  • Work with the APSE president, update members on Olympics issues with website stories.
  • Work with the USOC in an advisory capacity on credentials.
  • Work with The Associated Press on coverage plans.
  • Must be able to attend meeting every other year in Chicago.

Red Smith Award

Chair: Rachel Crader /

  • Administer voting and work with the president to announce the winner of APSE’s annual Red Smith Award.


Chair: Michael Kates /

  • Work with regional leadership to ensure each region holds at least one meeting a year.
  • Work with regional leadership on professional development offered at region meetings, helping line up speakers and serving as liaison with other committee chairs such as diversity, outreach and so forth.
  • Assist regional leadership with timely collection and publication of region news, notes and moves on website.
  • Ensure regional leadership is current and active.


Chair: Tommy Deas /

  • Work with the APSE president to actively seek out and bring aboard new sponsors to support APSE’s objectives and annual events.


Chair: Phil Kaplan /

  • Administer APSE’s annual scholarship program, including the Garry D. Howard scholarship for HBCU students.

Student Contest

Chairs: Iliana Limon Romero /

  • Coordinate and run the APSE student contest.
  • Assist Membership committee with students and universities, as needed.


Chair: Paul Barrett / Website Assistance: Andy Rhinehart /

  • Produce stories for the APSE website, maintaining a diverse story selection.
  • Cover news of APSE and the sports journalism industry as it relates to sports departments.
  • Work with chairs, maintains close contact with other committees to produce stories for the website.
  • Develop a social strategy for APSE and help with posting, social cards, etc.
  • Maintain and develop website functionality and find ways to make it increasingly dynamic.


Co-chairs: Joey Chandler and Mike Harris /

  • Plan programming for APSE’s writer members.