Alumni Relations

Chair: Jim Jenks /

  • Maintain contact with former members and APSE presidents to make sure they are informed about organizational issues and can stay as involved as they would like to be.


Chair: Hank Winnicki /

  • Work with president to maintain contact with commissioners and chief executives of major sporting leagues.
  • Organize annual commissioner meetings in New York.
  • Should be able to attend meetings in New York.


Chair: Gary Potosky /

  • Attend winter meeting to discuss and determine sessions for the annual conference.
  • Coordinate plans for a program reflective of APSE committee activities.
  • Provide workshops and general sessions of relevance and interest to members of all-size papers and media companies.
  • May be assigned specific tasks to help organize the summer conference.


Chair: Jorge Rojas /

  • Solicit member feedback on writing, video, multimedia and digital contests.
  • Help the contests evolve and meet membership expectations and needs.
  • Streamline and improve entry process.


Chair: A. Sherrod Blakely /

  • Working with the president, help run and ensure success of APSE Diversity Fellowship Program.
  • Help administer the APSE Diversity Pledge .
  • Plan sessions for national conference and regional meetings.
  • Serve as liaison between APSE and NABJ, NAHJ, NAJA, AAJA and AWSM.
  • Work with the program for SJI as needed.


Co-chairs: Mike Sherman and Jason Murray / and

  • Advise the executive committee and membership on issues concerning the future of the organization.

Legal Affairs & Ethics

Co-chairs: Gerry Ahern and John Cherwa / and

  • Consider questions involving legal, ethical and credential issues.
  • Advise officers and membership.
  • Craft appropriate responses and inquiries from the organization.


Chair: Roxanna Scott /

  • Working with the APSE president, update members on Olympics issues with website stories.
  • Work with the USOC in an advisory capacity on credentials.
  • Work with The Associated Press on coverage plans.
  • Must be able to attend meeting every other year in Chicago.


Co-chairs: Chris Fickett and Ed Reed / and

  • Recruit and retain APSE members.
  • Track and inform membership about staff changes throughout the nation.
  • Inform public on APSE news and issues through social media, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Working with the APSE president and officers, spearhead a membership drive.
  • Organize convention workshops and general sessions which appeal to small-paper editors.
  • Assist regional chairs in planning at least one session at each regional meeting geared for editors of small papers and websites


Chair: Lisa Wilson /

  • Plans and sets up monthly online programming for APSE and its committees.

Red Smith

Chair: Rachel Crader /

  • Administers voting and works with the president to announce the winner of APSE’s annual Red Smith Award.


Chair: Tommy Deas /

  • Working with the APSE president, actively seek out and bring aboard new sponsors to support APSE’s objectives and annual events.


Chair: Michael Kates /

  • Work with regional leadership to ensure each region holds at least one meeting a year.
  • Work with regional leadership on professional development offered at region meetings, helping line up speakers and serving as liaison with other committee chairs such as diversity, outreach and so forth.
  • Assist regional leadership with timely collection and publication of region news, notes and moves on website.
  • Ensure regional leadership is current and active.


Chair: Phil Kaplan /

  • Administers APSE’s annual scholarship program, including the Garry D. Howard scholarship for HBCU students.

Student Liason/Student Contest

Chairs: Nicole Saavedra, Jenni Carlson and Erik Hall / and and

  • Coordinates affairs surrounding student chapters and student membership.
  • Assist Outreach committee with students and universities.
  • Fields inquiries from prospective student members and chapters.
  • Collaborates with regional chairs on activities at university campuses.
  • Coordinates student-produced and student-related content for the website.
  • Directs student activities at conventions.
  • Represents student membership in meetings.
  • Coordinates and runs the APSE student contest.


Chair: Naila-Jean Meyers /

  • Produce stories for the APSE website, maintaining a diverse story selection.
  • Covers news of APSE and the sports journalism industry as it relates to sports departments.
  • Working with chairs, maintains close contact with other committees to produce stories for the website.
  • Develop and improve functionality of the website and find ways to make it increasingly dynamic.
  • Develop a social strategy for APSE and help with posting, social cards, etc.


Co-chairs: Joey Chandler and Mike Harris /

  • Plans programming for APSE’s writer members.
  • Run the APSE Mentorship Program.
  • Select program participants.