APSE members: Please review this application for membership for Sellout Crowd. Send any feedback to members of the APSE Executive Committee. After 10 days, an executive committee vote will be held.

Sellout Crowd, a new sports media outlet in Oklahoma, is applying for APSE membership.

Sellout Crowd covers the Oklahoma sports scene with an emphasis on news, information and commentary on the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Our leadership includes a former APSE president and another contributor to the Great Plains Region.

Sellout Crowd launched on Sept. 1, 2023, hitting more than 200,000 page views in its first two weeks. Sellout Crowd has hit more than 3,000,000 social media impressions following its launch, and more than 50,000 video views. 

We seek APSE membership to provide Sellout Crowd creators with the same symbiotic relationship with the nation’s premier sports journalism organization that many of us experienced during our newspaper careers. APSE’s professional standards, professional development opportunities and network will benefit our quest for journalism and storytelling excellence. 

Sellout Crowd’s team feels we would be a great addition to APSE given our deep roots in the organization and our love of sports journalism, plus a focused view on the future of innovative models for content and distribution. 

Our work can be found at www.selloutcrowd.com and is distributed on numerous other social, audio and video channels.