APSE members,

For the financial stability of this organization, it is necessary to raise membership dues for 2024. Perhaps more significantly, we also need to again restructure our membership tiers to account for the decline in print circulation and better align our membership categories with our contest categories. We made major changes to our divisions just two years ago, but APSE officers believe another adjustment is needed. APSE officers did consider no longer using print circulation as a metric for categorizing our members, but need more time to research what the right metrics and thresholds are. That research will be ongoing through the next year.

This article starts the clock on a 10-day review and comment period for the general membership, which is required by our bylaws. The executive committee will start voting on this proposal on Monday, Sept. 11, in the hopes of beginning our annual membership drive on Monday, Sept. 18. According to APSE bylaws, dues must be paid by Oct. 15.

Email any feedback about this proposal to APSE president Naila Meyers at njmeyers@startribune.com.

Currently, the dues are based on the following chart:

  • Division A: 90,000 and over, or 2 million monthly uniques and over ($325 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division B: 35,000-89,999, or 750,000-2 million monthly uniques ($250 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division C: 15,000, 34,999, or 250,000-750,000 monthly uniques ($175 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division D: 14,999 and under, or 250,000 and under monthly uniques ($115 primary, $75 secondary)

APSE officers are proposing the following changes, which will impact all categories.

Division A

  • 90,000 60,000 and over
  • stand-alone websites with more than 2 million unique monthly visitors
  • wire service individuals

First member: $325 $350
Each additional member: $75 $95

Division B

  • 35,000-89,899 25,000-59,999
  • stand-alone websites with 750,001 to 2 million unique monthly visitors

First member: $250 $275
Each additional member: $75 $85

Division C

  • 15,000-34,999 10,000-24,999
  • stand-alone websites with 250,000 to 750,000 unique monthly visitors
    [New] Newsletters, like Substacks, with subscribers

First member: $175 $200
Each additional member: $75

Division D

  • 14,999 and under Under 10,000
  • stand-alone websites with under 250,000 unique monthly visitors
  • weekly newspapers

First member: $115 $125
Each additional member: $50 $60

First member: $150
Each additional member: $75
Student chapter adviser: $100 $125

Each member: $25

Writers wing
Each member: $50 $75
Non-APSE member organizations: $75 $100

Each member: $30 $50

Associate member
Each member: $395 $400