The Associated Press Sports Editors celebrates its 50th year in 2023. A series of interviews with the organization’s past presidents will be unveiled throughout the year to mark this milestone. 

Lisa Wilson was the APSE president in 2020-21 while she was at The Athletic. She is interviewed by St. Louis Post-Dispatch digital sports editor Erik Hall. 

Wilson talks about the challenges of leading APSE during the COVID-19 pandemic. She gives insight into making the decision with Glen Crevier to hold the 2021 convention in Las Vegas after a year without in-person meetings.  

She reflects on the mentorship she received from Garry D. Howard, the APSE president in 2009-10. Wilson also launched a college scholarship honoring Howard, and she describes how she surprised him with that revelation.

If you are a former APSE president and have yet to conduct or schedule an interview, reach out to Erik Hall at