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Four student journalists win APSE college scholarships

APSE gives four scholarships of $1,500 to collegiate sports journalists. The scholarships are awarded based on the quality of the journalism, academic record and need.

APSE announces committees for 2019

APSE committees are set for the 2019-20 year. They are listed below. If you would like to sign up for...

APSE statement rebuking New York Knicks’ action against New York Daily News

The team denied access to the newspaper's reporters at a press conference.

SJI alums share what Red Smith Award winner Sandy Rosenbush means to them

'Everyone needs someone like Sandy — a shining beacon in their life to show them support and guidance.'

Text of Todd Adams’ speech as incoming APSE president

'It has been my privilege to be an APSE member because of all of you. And I’m so glad that you’ll be along for the ride with me this year.'

Diversity fellowship

Meet Diversity Fellow: Jenni Carlson

Jenni Carlson is a columnist at the Oklahoman.

Meet Diversity Fellow: James Williams

James Williams is a digital sports producer with the Southern California News Group.

Meet Diversity Fellow: Norma Catalina Gonzalez

Norma Catalina Gonzalez is a copy editor and reporter for the Arizona Daily Star.

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