By Todd M. Adams, APSE Second Vice President

John Branch, Josh Haner and Dawa Finjhok Sherpa of The New York Times won first place in the Associated Press Sports Editors 2017 contest in projects for the Over 175,000 circulation category.

Branch, Haner and Finjhok will be presented a first-place plaque at the 2018 APSE Summer Conference Banquet at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University on June 20.

Powers edged out a second-place project from ESPN and a third-place project from USA Today.

Sports editors in the Over 175,000 category submitted 20 projects. The contest
is open to APSE members. Click here to join.

Contest chair John Bednarowski and fellow APSE officers Todd M. Adams, Robert Gagliardi and Jeff Rosen numbered each entry, assuring they had been stripped of headlines, graphics, bylines and any other element that would identify the writer or news organization.

In February, preliminary judges at the APSE Winter Conference in St. Petersburg, Fla., and off-site around the country, selected a top 8, with each judge ranking the entries in order from 1 to 8 separately on a secret ballot. Entries were given eight points for a first-place vote, seven points for second and so on down to one point for a 8th-place vote. The final 10 were given to a second judging group, which ranked the entries 1-8 in the same fashion.

The winner and final rankings are determined by tallying the ballots.

The winner in each category will receive a plaque at the 2018 APSE Summer Conference at the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University on June 17-20. The second- through eighth-place writers will receive frameable certificates.

The project category sheds new light on personalities and issues in the news, including trends and original ideas. It is pre-planned content that is conceived and executed as a larger body of work. The top 8 is listed below with links to writers’ Twitter pages, APSE member websites and winning entries.

  1. John Branch, Josh Haner and Dawa Finjhok Sherpa, The New York Times, 42 points, 3 first-place votes

Deliverance From 27,000 Feet

2. Staff, ESPN, 36 points, 2 first-place votes

Béisbol Experience: A season-long celebration of Latino ballplayers

3. Staff, USA Today Sports, 30 points

Why Virginia Tech has bet big on coach Buzz Williams

NCAA Salaries (basketball)

NCAA Finances (basketball)

Colleges are spending more on their athletes because they can

Is Nick Saban underpaid at more than $11 million this season?

NCAA Salaries (football)

9 of the oddest contract quirks for college football coaches

How ESPN, College Football Playoff are saving bowl games

Bowl game executive pay soaring around $1 million

4. Joon Lee, Scott Miller, Danny Knobler, Brandon Sneed, Dylan Lathrop and Bleacher Report staff, 28 points

How to make baseball cool again

The make baseball cool again commission

Hunter Greene is not the LeBron of baseball. He wants to be something more.

Baseball jerseys so swaggy you — and chance the rapper — might actually wear ’em

Andy Samberg, Ken Griffey Jr. and Kanye vs. Swaggy P: The B/R Mag Show Podcast

5. Gary Myers, Christian Red, Kevin Armstrong and Evan Grossman, New York Daily News, 23 points

Game of Life and Death: As concerns about CTE grow and players suffer from deadly disease, future of football looks bleak

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

6. Eric Moskowitz, The Boston Globe, 22 points, 1 first-place vote

The summer that changed Boston

The 10-game winning streak that ignited Red Sox Nation

Shock, then revolve for ’67 Red Sox after Tony Conigliaro beaned

50 years on, historic Sox win still seems impossible

7. Mark LaMonica, Greg Inserillo, Ryan Gerbosi, Megan Miller and Chris Ware, Newsday, 18 points

UFC Long Island

8. Mike Jensen, Philadelphia Inquirer, 17 points

Tyrone Garland, known for sending La Salle to the Sweet 16 with a game-winning shot in 2013, now plays professionally in Iceland

This tree has deep Philly roots Basketball coach Speedy Morris has touched many lives on the court

Getting schooled in ‘city game’ Fathers are bringing their hoops-playing daughters to street courts 

Knowing ‘Hockey’ Rosemont coach one of many with ties to basketball maven 

The Auriemmas’ journey Geno and Kathy Auriemma’s journey from Philly to UConn glory

Lessons in enduring as a pro Jameer Nelson, still in the NBA at 35, shows teen guards how it’s done 

In need of a new basketball? Mike Gibson randomly distributes acts of hoops kindness in city neighborhoods

2020 VISION The recruiting starts early 

When father, son meet as foes Other than a little awkwardness, the coach and the guard handled it well 

A game a day? At least