Bylaws revision, offered to the executive committee in August 2021. This will remain on the website for 10 days before the executive committee vote.


RESOLVED, upon adoption of this resolution, the APSE bylaws shall be changed in the following manner:

  1. Under Section 2 (B), No. 2 should read as follows:

       2. Former members of APSE who were members under 2 (A), but are no longer working in a sports-related job. This includes retired journalists who shall be considered alumni members.

2. Under Section 4 (D), the section should read as follows:

The first vice president is responsible for making and amending rules for the APSE contest. The first vice president may offer different contests for different categories of membership, and may offer no contest for some categories of membership. The Executive Committee has the authority to determine whether and how newspapers and websites, as members under 2(A), may enter various portions of the contest.

The first vice president will arrange for the dissemination of information about the contest to the judges and to the general membership. Such information includes the contest rules and changes thereto, which are made by the first vice president, and the contest judging guidelines, which are the responsibility of the first vice president and such persons and committees as are appointed for assistance. The first vice president will also administer the digital portion of the contest.

The president will administer off-site judging for the contest. The second vice president will assist the first vice president and the president in administering the contest, as needed.

The student contest committee chairman will administer any portion of the contest offered to student members.