Thank you to the nearly 90 people who have already volunteered to be a judge for the 2022 APSE contest. To make the workload more manageable for everyone, I would love to get 40 more remote judges.

As a sweetener, I have extended the remote judging period to Feb. 10-24, giving remote judges an extra weekend to get a jump on their assignments if they wish. (Those of you dealing with the Super Bowl may not wish to, of course.)

Contest judging is a great opportunity to network with others in our industry and to just talk about great sports journalism. If you have not been a judge before, here’s how it works:  You would be put in a group with two other journalists to read and evaluate a set of entries, ranging from beat writing to column writing to game stories to features. First-time judges would be in a group with more experienced ones to help show them the ropes. As a group, you would choose a top 10 and then individually rank them. Once you are done with your category, you may be sent another category’s top 10 to rank. You would not be a judge in a category or division (news organizations are divided into four groups based on size) in which you are entered or currently work. If you worked in a different division last year, you likely would not be a judge in that division either.    

If you are interested in being a remote judge, please fill out this RSVP form:

If you have a colleague who you think would be a good judge, pass that form along to them and encourage them to get involved.