APSE members: Please review this application for membership for The Chronicle, in Springfield, Ore. Send any feedback to members of the APSE Executive Committee.

The Chronicle is hyper-local news and information business that includes a weekly newspaper, 24/7 website, and social media platforms. It covers five high schools in the Southern Willamette Valley, serving readers in small and rural counties outside of Eugene, Ore.

We publish around 1,500 papers each week, with nearly 1,000 paid subscribers. We also have a paywall on our website with several hundred paid subscribers. Our reach is more than 20,000 readers each month in our community. We are certified as a paper of record, and publish Legal Notices for Lane County, Oregon.

The publisher of the paper was a longtime member of APSE while at The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun, The TimesDaily (Florence, Ala.), The Dallas Morning News, and ESPN. We hope to help improve our coverage to better serve readers, and build and grow our network within the industry.