Shasta County Sports is applying for membership in APSE. The following notice will appear on the APSE website for 10 days, after which the executive committee will vote on the application.

If you have an opinion about the application, please reach out to members of the executive committee. They are current officers, region chairs and past presidents.


Shasta County Sports covers varsity athletics for 10 high schools and one junior college, serving as the source for local sports news in rural Northern California where sports coverage from the newspaper, television and radio has dropped off due to corporate constraints. Two of the co-founders have a combined 25 years of experience covering sports for a daily newspaper (one of which won an APSE award in the mid-2000s) while the other pair of co-founders bring another 10 years of experience as multimedia industry experts and we aim to accurately connect the community through our coverage.

Key Metrics

Our site launched August 2018. The below metrics are since we’ve launched, including October 2019:

  • Unique visitors monthly: 8,196
  • Total website page views: 716,470
  • Avg. Sessions/Month: 16,575
  • Acquisition breakdown: Social (52%), Direct (36%), Organic (12%)
  • Social Media following (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram): 4,762
  • Total Video views: 647,848

Why Join APSE

Joining APSE provides Shasta County Sports an extra element of credibility as a respected sports media outlet. We intend to tap into as many resources as we can and learn from our peers to apply that knowledge to our audience and provide our community with premier coverage.