Lisa Wilson and Gary Potosky have done an excellent job leading APSE through the pandemic by tightening its infrastructure with a focus on mentoring, membership, committees, regions, officer candidates and updating obsolete bylaws. Here are some of my goals for the coming 12 months.

The overarching goal, of course, is to advance the organization in as many areas as possible, to serve our members, and to advocate for all sports media. But here are four more specific ones. 


Increase involvement and leadership in APSE: I hope if we do nothing else, we’ll demonstrate a renewed sense of commitment throughout our organization. We have been through — and are still in — a grueling pandemic that has taken a steep toll on the world. In our little APSE world, I know we are feeling the strain. But we need to be reinvigorated, especially in terms of attendance and participation in conferences, regionals, judging, etc. It might sound sappy, but it’s what our founding members and predecessors would want. It’s certainly what Ed Storin would have wanted to see. 

How will we get there?

No. 1. By finding creative ways for people to take part in APSE gatherings. I know you can’t do them all, but don’t do none.

No. 2. By staying involved in your region or getting involved. 

No. 3. By contributing ideas and stories for the APSE website and newsletter. Right now, the same few people are generating them.

GOAL #2 

Work to increase membership, with a focus on youth and diversity. Our membership actually increased this past year — thanks to Gary and the work of several others — but it has been mostly flat for several years.

How can we make that happen?

No. 1. Create better communication within the ranks to reach and recruit young journalists and prove APSE’s value to their careers. We need to provide them with evidence (and some testimonials) of the benefits. We also must make a better effort to tap into colleges (looking at you, region chairs). 

No. 2. Make events more affordable and accessible (and hopefully increase revenue at the same time). Naila Meyers had a good idea worth exploring to curate APSE events with a menu of options, and having possible price points for those who can attend and those who can’t. We need more hooks to bring in members to our national and regional events.

No. 3. Improve platforms. We are only as good as our technology allows us to be. I want to explore adding a Chief Technology Officer to look at how we can improve our impact on the website, newsletter and social media. Should we have an APSE app? The person in this role would report to Dan Spears in a volunteer position. No pay, good for the resume!!


3. “Seal the deal” on locker-room access We’re cautiously optimistic the league commissioners will make good on their assurances in May at the APSE Commissioners Meetings that access will be restored to pre-pandemic conditions. However, until we cycle through a year’s worth of seasons, we won’t know for sure how things stand. Kudos to Hank Winnicki and Gary Potosky for making the Commish Meetings happen. We should continue to work with pro leagues and communicate with other media groups on the issue of overall access. We also should work closely with writers’ organizations and re-establish APSE liaisons to keep in touch with those groups. We’re seeking volunteers.

OK, let’s talk money. My fourth goal is to raise funds … and, brace yourselves, part of it will be asking for donations from members. I’d like to establish a mechanism on the APSE website — a link or a button like other organizations have — where you can click and a make a small donation through Venmo or Zelle or a credit card. I believe now is one of those moments in time when membership should consider coming to the aid of the organization.

The ask? Not much, we’re not looking for large amounts… let’s start with $22 in 2022 and up it to $23 for 2023. Of course, if someone would like to donate more, we won’t turn it down. And any big, tax-deductible donations probably should be directed to the APSE Foundation. The hope here is to make it easy, relatively painless and maybe even a little fun.

Of course, we also will be working hard to get donations from outside of APSE, and alumni, and we’ll work with Tommy Deas to attract sponsors and get funding to support conferences, regionals, SJI, the Diversity Fellowship, scholarships, AWSM and our other APSE initiatives. Tommy has done and is doing a great job, but let’s help him out. Right now he’s a one-man gang.

Some of you heard at our closing meeting that our reserves aren’t exactly growing. We are not in any trouble or anything, but we are not in a comfortable position either. What could, or should, we do with, let’s say, an extra $10,000 or $15,000? We will be surveying members soon on a variety of questions, including that one, but stabilizing and improving our website (which we’re told is hanging by a thread), or being able to afford more audio/visuals and streaming at our conferences, are two things that come to mind.

Regardless, it can’t hurt to facilitate a way to make donations. I look at it like the time Van McKenzie forgot to pay his bar tab in Seattle and 10 sports editors quickly put in $20 each to cover it. If you are at a dinner with colleagues and someone is acting up at your table, perhaps tonight even, fine them $22. On the losing end of a bet? $22 to APSE. Let’s implement some regional kangaroo courts. I think we can try to have fun with it, take pride in contributing when possible, and it might be rewarding for some members to be part of “The Restoration.”   

I’d like to add a fifth goal, and it should be an easy one. I’d like for us to celebrate the heck out of APSE entering its 50th year at the 2023 conference in Las Vegas next July 9-13. Consider this an invitation to past presidents everywhere, to members, alumni members, family members, professional stragglers, everyone! Expect next year’s APSE conference to have the usual enrichment staples, but also to showcase and celebrate our organization’s great history.

You won’t want to miss it.

This first part of the APSE membership survey went out this week. If you are member and did not receive it, please contact first vice president Naila-Jean Meyers at