By Emily Horos / American News

Shauntel Lowe

Q&A with Diversity Fellow, Shauntel Lowe, deputy editor of special projects at Bleacher Report, New York. Lowe is a graduate of UCLA.

You studied English and political science in college and started your career reporting on education, health and crime. How did you get from that point to where you are in sports journalism?

I never thought I would end up in sports, but it turns out to be the perfect fit. I come from a family of sports fans (we arrange Christmas dinner around the usual Lakers game), and it finally occurred to me that combining my love of sports and journalism would be a good idea.

Bleacher Report’s app was the only sports app I had on my phone a few years ago, and I noticed the company had an editor opening. I applied and was hired a few days later. Three years later, I’m still there and still happy to have made the move to sports.

Were you an athlete yourself?

Ha! I tried out for the girls basketball team in fifth grade and didn’t make it, so that was the end for me. I do have a Serena Williams tennis racket, but I’m no good at that sport either. So, the short answer: No. I did win the daily knockout game at B/R once, though.

What sports do you most enjoy covering?

When I started at Bleacher Report, I would have said that college football and the NBA were the sports I most enjoyed covering. But now, I’ve gained an appreciation for so many sports I didn’t pay much attention to before such as Champions League soccer, golf and a little bit of baseball.

How did you find out about the Diversity Fellowing and what led you to apply?

I have several friends who are former fellows (Adena Andrews, Marcus Vanderberg, Carron Phillips) and encouraged me to apply. Adena, in particular, has been an inspiration to me as a black woman thriving in the sports journalism world, so I welcomed her advice to apply for the fellowship.

What have you thought of your experience as a diversity fellow?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been accepted into the fellowship because of all the smart and talented people I’ve been able to meet (and that includes the three other fellows this year). The training has already improved the way I interact with colleagues as I strive to be a better leader. I also really enjoyed working with the SJI students to create their annual newspaper. In my job, I get to work with some of the industry’s most experienced and best sportswriters, which is a privilege. But it was fun to be able to work with students for a bit, to draft off of some of their energy and ambition as they get started in their careers.

What’s your dream job?

I truly enjoy the job I have now editing B/R Mag. I’m so proud of this new, premium content engine we have been able to create, essentially from scratch, over the past year. I get to work with great people, such as former APSE president Bill Eichenberger, and have fun watching and arguing about sports all day. I do hope to one day be able to use the skills from this fellowship in a larger managerial role where it’s on me to hire diverse candidates and create a sports section or magazine that reflects the values of inclusivity and fairness that are important to me.