APSE President Jorge Rojas (right) with Justin Pelletier of the News & Observer during the awards portion of the APSE Summer Conference closing dinner.

The Associated Press Sports Editors celebrates its 50th year in 2023. A series of interviews with the organization’s past presidents will be unveiled throughout the year to mark this milestone. 

Jorge Rojas was the APSE president in 2022-23 while a deputy managing editor at The Athletic. He is interviewed by St. Louis Post-Dispatch digital sports editor Erik Hall. 

Rojas discusses the highlights of the 2023 APSE Summer Conference in Las Vegas that included honoring Claire Smith with the Red Smith Award and bringing together 20 past presidents of APSE for a celebration of the organization’s 50th year. 

His year as APSE president included fighting for locker room access. He also praises his first vice president Naila-Jean Meyers for her work to improve the APSE contest, and he gives his appreciation for his second vice president Dan Spears saving a distressed APSE website. He also thanks third vice president Ed Reed for his work to make the 2023 Summer Conference a success. 

Rojas also discusses his involvement with the APSE Diversity Fellowship since the inception of the program and how it has helped to change the diversity of sports journalism and the organization. 

He reflects on his career that went from The Orlando Sentinel to The Sporting News to The Miami Herald before his current role at The Athletic. 

Video link: https://youtu.be/18nUY6p-9oM 

If you are a former APSE president and have yet to conduct or schedule an interview, contact Erik Hall at hallerik7@gmail.com.