APSE president Gary Potosky (left) with Iliana Limon Romero at the 2022 awards dinner in Indianapolis.

The Associated Press Sports Editors celebrates its 50th year in 2023. A series of interviews with the organization’s past presidents will be unveiled throughout the year to mark this milestone. 

Gary Potosky was the APSE president in 2021-22 while he was sports editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer. He is interviewed by St. Louis Post-Dispatch digital sports editor Erik Hall. 

He reflects on being in leadership as APSE went through the COVID-19 pandemic and getting the organization back to a place of having in-person events after the pandemic. 

Potosky talks about how his involvement with APSE helped him grow as a sports editor through the valuable relationships that he has formed. 

He also reflects on his time leading the commissioners’ meetings prior to his election to APSE office.


If you are a former APSE president and have yet to conduct or schedule an interview, reach out to Erik Hall at hallerik7@gmail.com.