By Jorge Rojas

APSE contest chair

We’re in the home stretch heading into the APSE contest Feb. 20-24 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and here’s where we stand:

— We are expecting about 50 attendees (45 judges, 5 contest officers), including some judges who will be commuting in.

.– We currently have 40 on-site judges (a couple are pending) and 60 remote judges. We are hoping for 45 on-site judges but need 21 more remote judges to have the desired 27 groups of three.

— I hope to get the judging roster and groups determined by THIS WEEKEND and then send out emails, instructions and materials on Thursday and/or Friday.

Here’s the outline:

Remote judges — 27 groups of three, including an assigned chair — would have a good amount of time (a 7- to 10-day timeframe, ideally Feb. 10-20) to read, judge and determine a Top 10 in their category from either the Digital, Section or Story contest divisions.

A typical assignment would be to read a category of let’s say, 44 story entries, while negotiating links and passwords, and voting/narrowing them down with your teammates into a top 10. Each group member would then rank his or her top 10. A group might be asked to judge a second category based on the degree of difficulty, but a much more likely scenario is that a group will be asked to read and rank another group’s top 10 from a different category.

That’s pretty much the assignment. There’s a little more to it TBA on the judging instructions and procedures and where to submit/email results and rankings. And of course, some categories are tougher than others, but most will be manageable.

With luck, we’ll have more than 50 percent of this year’s competition on the fast track to being scored and completed by opening night Feb. 20.

Some judges will tear through their assignments (we obviously have some voracious readers), and others will have to juggle responsibilities. But as long as everyone communicates and works together, a 10-day window should be plenty of time for folks to handle the workload.

Hopefully, now that you’ve read the plan and see that it’s TOTALLY doable for remote judges, you will raise your hand and be one of the remaining 21 remote judges needed.

These next couple of days, I’d rather go door to door to persuade five local on-site judges to bomb in to contest headquarters and wait for the 21 remote judges come to me, but we’ll do whatever is needed to keep us on track. Though I’d be happy to broker any roommate deals!

Please contact me at (and 954-328-5584) if you are interested. If you are already a judge, could you please email or text me your contact number/info for the master list if you think I might not have it?

The current judges list is below.

We appreciate your help.


In-person (45 including officers): Gary Potosky, Jorge Rojas, Naila-Jean Meyers, Ed Reed, Lisa Wilson, Glen Crevier (limited availability), Bill Eichenberger, Jim Pignatiello Jr., Christopher Boan, John Bednarowski, Tommy Deas, Mauro Diaz, Maria McIlwain, Jeffrey Perkins, Em Poertner, Sarah Kelly, JT Keith, Michael Phillips, Erik Hall, Jim Jenks, Todd Adams, Jason Murray, Nick Pugliese, Katie McInerney, Scott Thurston, Paul Barrett, Barry Bedlan, Oscar Dixon, Andre Fernandez, Iliana Limon Romero, Chris Stone, Peter Barzilai, Joe Battaglia, Kevin Manahan, Lydia Craver, Mike Szvetitz, Justin Pelletier (seeks roommate), J Michael, Bill Speros, Perryn Keys, Kelley Evans, Shelly Darby, Dani Medina, Shemar Woods, George Diaz

Remote (79): Jeff Rosen, Chris Fickett, Matt Stephens, Marcus Vanderberg, Vritti Goel, Tony Maluso, Christian Eby, Ryan Black, Nick Feely, Bill Bootz, Nick Talbot, Matt Schuckman, Matt Wiley, Brent Briggeman, Chris Imperiale, Paul Vigna, Oskar Garcia, Donn Walden, Gidal Kaiser, Dan Spears, Jon Gerardi, Brian White, Christopher Walsh, Mike Niziolek, Jake Adams, Joey LoMonaco, Joe Tone, Jeff Patterson, Brad Schlossman, Emily Horos, Jim Seimas, Larry Graham, Aaron Ferguson, Scott Monserud, Traci Johnson, Josh Barnett, Richard Bush, Bryce Miller, Andrew John, Elaine Sung, Jordan McPherson, Chris Hays, Andy Kent, Steve Hemphill, George Richards, Creig Ewing, Joe Gisondi, Ben Brigandi, James Walker, Glenn Schwarz, Hank Winnicki, Michael Rose, Monica Holland, Thomas Scott, Scott Chancey, Jenni Carlson, Tim Walters, Luke Reasoner, John Roberts, John Quinn, Greg Auman, Zach Ewing, Adam Coleman, Ethan Joyce, Matt Daniels, Ryan Hunt, Bryce Houston, Reid Laymance, Jenny Dial Creech, Dennis Rudner, David Rivera, Jay Lee, Seth Stringer, Jim Henry, Joe Rexrode, A. Sherrod Blakely, Nick Dettman, Kirkland Crawford, Jon Styf.