Clockwise from upper left: Jim Pigniatello; Thomas Scott; Donn Walden; Jason Hoffman; Chris Kwiecinski; Brian Rosener

Through recent elections, APSE’s region chair and vice chair positions have been filled for the 2022-23 year. New region officers are noted in bold.

  • West: No change — Chair: Marcus Vanderberg (ESPN); Vice Chair: Emily Horos (Arizona Republic)
  • Atlantic Coast: No change — Chair: Monica Holland (Fayetteville Observer); Vice Chair: Justin Pelletier (News & Observer)
  • Southeast: No change — Chair: Erik Hall (USA Today Network); Vice Chair: John Devine (Miami Herald)
  • Northeast: Chair: Michael Rose ascends; Vice Chair: Jim Pignatiello, Sports Director/MassLive and The Republican, wins election over Vritti Goel (ESPN) — election conducted by Michael Rose
  • Southwest: Chair: Carlos Silva; Vice Chair: Thomas Scott (Sports Editor, Beaumont Enterprise) wins by running unopposed
  • Northwest: Chair: Chad Crippe ascends; Vice Chair: Donn Walden (Sports Editor, Lewiston Tribune) wins by running unopposed
  • Great Lakes: Chair: Kyle Nabors ascends; Vice Chair: Jason Hoffman (Sports Editor/Cincinnati Enquirer) wins by running unopposed
  • Great Plains: Chair: Chris Kwiecinski, Sports Editor/Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune, wins by running unopposed; Brian Rosener, Sports Editor/Daily American Republic (Mo.), wins by running unopposed

Have questions on region leadership? Reach out to Regions Committee chairman Michael Kates.