The first sets of judging assignments went out to APSE contest volunteers on Friday, and if you signed up to judge and have not yet gotten an assignment, more will be rolling out Saturday.

We ended up with 146 member entries: 36 in A, 33 in B, 30 in C and 47 in D.

We are expecting 45 people, including APSE officers, in Orlando Feb. 19-23 for our winter conference and in-person judging.

We currently have 77 judges signed up for remote judging, but if you want to get in on the action, you still can. Seven more judges for some of the smaller categories will help us get to a more optimal 28 remote judging groups of three for the two weeks.

Remote judges will have until, ideally, Feb. 20 to read, judge and determine a Top 10 in their first assigned category. A group might be asked to judge a second category or, more likely, be asked to read and rank another group’s top 10. We hope to have many first round of assignments ranked and scored by the time in-person judging begins in earnest on the 20th.

Please contact me at if you have questions about judging. If you want to sign up, please will out this Google form:

Thank you to everyone giving their time to these efforts.