APSE membership: This application will appear on the APSE website for 10 days, after which it will be voted on by the executive committee. Please review it and send any feedback to an executive committee member. The executive committee is comprised of current officers, region chairs, an AP representative and past presidents.


A two-sentence description of your site. SportsMississippi.com covers high school and collegiate sports in Mississippi. We focus on in-game coverage and editorial content as well as photography and video coverage.

A by-the-numbers description of your organization’s reach — unique visitors per month, other relevant metrics. Our last quarter average was 92,000 page views and 32,000 unique visitors per month. We have a large social media following with county-specific social media accounts driving traffic. 

A two-sentence description of why you want to join. I feel as though membership in the APSE would allow me to network with other editors who work in the changing journalism landscape. This would help me work on best practices to enhance the user experience for our followers.

A link to your website. 


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