If you would like to participate in an exchange of the football or fall sports preview sections, now's the time to get yours together to send to Toby Carrig, who will once again coordinate the project.

Papers of all shapes and sizes are welcome to participate to see what others are doing and to get some ideas.

Send Toby about 12-18 copies of your sections, and he will get 12-18 different sections sent back to you, provided that many people participate. If you have fewer than 12 to send in, that's fine. He will still send back out to you.

Send Toby an address label, preferably sticky, so that he has a proper address to throw on the box.

Send him a note via PM here, or email (tobyapse@yahoo.com) just to let him know if you would like to participate.

Deadline is Sept. 22. Toby will send you copies in the mail in early October.

His mailing address:

Toby Carrig
814 Wilshire Place
Herculaneum, MO 63048