Job Wanted Listings

It's free to advertise on the Job Wanted Board.

We will put your ad on the Job Wanted Board within 48 hours (usually much sooner) and then send you a confirmation e-mail.

To post an opening, e-mail your information to APSE executive director Jack Berninger at

Your posting should cover these basic categories:

  • Position sought
  • Contact e-mail (required)
  • Contact phone number (not required, but helpful)
  • Ad chatter (required)
  • Résumé (not required)

NOTE: It is important to include an e-mail address. We will not publish listings without some e-mail contact. It can be a general or specific e-mail address.

After 60 days, your listing will be removed from the board, although you can extend the period by re-submitting your listing or requesting an extension.