Contest addendum: It was decided at the 2015 Summer Conference that judging in the Projects category can be done by link with multimedia content included.
The contest chair neglected to include that information in updating the rules. Several outlets were aware of this and did include multimedia content by link, but to make for an even playing field we need to address this to allow those who were unaware to also do so.
If you entered a Project and did not include multimedia content and wish to do so, you may go into your entry (and entry key) and add this link in your cover letter. The deadline for this will be Sunday, Feb. 8, at midnight local time, as entries will migrate to the judging-ready folders after that.
If you did not enter a Project but would have done so had you known you could include multimedia links, you may drop an entry in that folder and update your entry key. The same deadline applies.
If entered a Project but now wish to change which one you entered because of this, you may also do that. The same deadline, again, applies.
Again, MAKE SURE to update entry keys if you amend your entry.
If you do amend your entry with multimedia or decide to enter a Project or change your entry, after you do so please send an email to to let us know that your entry has changed. Put PROJECT ENTRY UPDATE in the subject line.
IMPORTANT: You MAY NOT enter the same thing in both the Projects and Multimedia categories. You have to choose one or the other. Any duplicate entries will be disqualified.
If you have any questions, email the contest chair at and put CONTEST QUESTION in the subject line.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone.