Vita succeeds him as Sports Editor

Excerpts from a Washington Post Staff memo from Editor Marcus Brauchli on the Post’s reorganization:

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz

• Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, now Assistant Managing Editor for Sports and Weekend Editor, will become Local Editor.

Emilio, a native of the Washington area, has run sports brilliantly in his second stint here at The Post. His focus on breaking news and exclusives, on strong narratives and the superb work of our columnists and photographers, has made our Sports section the best. He’s also pioneered print-online integration for The Post this year, bringing together our sports journalists in what has been a very useful and successful experiment. We will place great emphasis on developing strong local journalism, especially online.

Emilio’s exceptionally talented and versatile deputy, Matt Vita, will succeed him as Sports Editor. A former national-security editor and Congressional reporter for The Post and a former foreign correspondent for Cox Newspapers, Matt shares much credit for the Sports department’s recent successes.

"I will really miss sports but the challenge of increasing readership across multiple platforms in a topic area as rich as local news was too good to pass up," Garcia-Ruiz said. "I still plan on being at the convention in Pittsburgh to give my workshop and buy folks a beer or two."