The Buffalo News seeks an executive sports editor to lead its award-winning team into a new era of multi-platform coverage.
 Buffalo is a big-league sports town that loves its Bills and Sabres. Calendars are arranged around NFL Sundays. Playoff games, though scarce in recent years, are regional holidays. Solid, unified ownership of both franchises has brought long-term stability, renewed hope and occasional frustration. In short, there’s plenty to cover here.
 The successful candidate will be an innovator with a plan to dominate this hypercompetitive space. This person needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset, constantly looking for new ways to grow a global audience of paying customers.  This person must be willing to reinvent coverage in anticipation of changing technology and trends – then must be eager to do it again a couple months later. The ability to manage change and effectively deploy resources is as important as knowing about the Electric Company and the French Connection. Previous experience managing pro sports coverage is essential.
 The executive sports editor is also a key member of the newsroom leadership team. He or she has to be looking for ways to collaborate with colleagues in other departments and be willing to put organizational goals ahead of all else.
 Digital innovation and product development will dominate the executive sports editor’s time. Managing The News’ veteran staff and keeping print vibrant must be an effortless afterthought.
 Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to


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