Back Story


Editor’s note: APSE member Mark Selig, a University of Missouri graduate student and assistant sports editor at The Missourian has started a blog called “Backstory: Discussing the story behind the story.” His latest post, built off a a discussion with Buffalo News enterprise reporter Tim Graham about his writing process, and his recent profile of Aaron Maybin, a former Bills first-round pick who never lived up to his potential.

Here’s an excerpt and a link to Selig’s post.

Tim Graham can write 4,500 bewitching words at a time but he still gets shy about the initial plunge into the pool, so to speak.

“Actually getting started to write is just grueling,” the Buffalo News enterprise reporter said.

To combat his dread, Graham employs what he calls “productive procrastination.”

Instead of writing — and yes, he typically writes his stories in one sitting, after his wife and kids have gone to sleep — Graham will make three more phone calls or head to the library to find a pertinent book he’s yet to read. (More…)