APSE remains committed to recruiting and sponsoring college students as members of the organization. 

For a $25 fee, students gain access to the minds and events that will shape the future of sports journalism. Sponsoring editors are asked to help mentor the students as they prepare to enter the profession.

To sponsor a student member, go to the How to Join page.

Several APSE members have answered the call. To recognize them and the new members they've brought into our organization, we're posting bios of the latest wave of student members.

Today, meet a University of Washington sophomore sponsored by Loren Nelson of the Minnesota Hockey Hub.

Walker Orenstein

Walker Orenstein

College status: Sophomore at the University of Washington in 2013-14.

Sponsoring member: Loren Nelson, Minnesota Hockey Hub Editor

Experience: In third year of writing for various Sport Ngin websites  — primarily the MN Hockey Hub — about high school hockey, football, lacrosse, and basketball. Spent two years scheduling games and taking stats for the Star Tribune and other newspapers, and in second year of writing for The Daily of the University of Washington.

How did you become interested in sports journalism? My family watched sports constantly growing up, and my next favorite thing besides watching and playing the games was to read the Star Tribune sports page the next day. Since I loved sports, and loved writing, it just went hand in hand to try and do it for a profession.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned? Classroom education is important, but real-life practice is vital. In other words, the best way to succeed in journalism is to write as much as possible, and learn from those experiences.

Dream job? My dream job would be to write for a major newspaper like the New York Times, but I’d also love being the beat writer for a professional sports team. To travel around and follow a team would be amazing, and if it’s baseball, who wouldn’t love spring training?

Hobbies/interests/activities: Playing hockey and pickup basketball. … Listening to music and writing about it, as well as playing the saxophone.

Walker’s work appears on: www.mnhockeyhub.com, http://dailyuw.com/author/walker-orenstein

Follow Walker on Twitter: @walkerorenstein

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