Last summer then-APSE president Gerry Ahern called on every member of APSE to recruit and sponsor at least one college student as a member of our organization.

Recruiting and mentoring student members remains a priority under the leadership of APSE president Tim Stephens.

For a $25 fee, students gain access to the minds and events that will shape the future of sports journalism. Sponsoring editors are asked to help mentor the students as they prepare to enter the profession.

To sponsor a student member, go to

Several APSE members have answered the call. To recognize them and the new members they've brought into our organization, we're posting bios of the latest wave of student members.

Today, meet a Penn State University junior sponsored by Paul Vigna of the Harrisburg Patriot-News/

Greg Pickel


College status: Junior at Penn State University, 2013-14.

Sponsoring member: Paul Vigna, Sports Manager, Harrisburg Patriot-News/

Experience: Served internship and gained work experience with the Harrisburg Patriot-News and PennLive, mostly dealing with Penn State athletics and summer baseball. Covered football, basketball, and wrestling recruiting with Fight On State, a subset of FOX Sports and, and the Middletown Press and Journal, a small-town weekly in Pennsylvania. 

How did you become interested in sports journalism? The late voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, Harry Kalas, and the former voice of the Hershey Bears, John Walton, were who I desired to follow in the footsteps of as a youngster. But a middle school English teacher recommended I write non-fiction, which turned me onto journalism. A mentor, Terry Lupia, recommended contacting Press and Journal editor Garry Lenton, which has blossomed into many opportunities since. My interest and sports, and writing, was the main interest driver. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned? Readers have their own voice, just like we writers do. It's important, especially in this digital age, to acknowledge their thoughts and comments, and recognize when they enlighten or inform us as they do when we do the same for them. 

Dream job? My dream job would simply be at a publication where the editor, and team of writers, all posses camaraderie and the same focus path, which includes direction, strong ideas, and even strong belief in the ideals of journalism. If the principles of journalism are met, the subject being Big Ten football or local farming issues are irrelevant to me, though I would prefer sports. 

Hobbies/interests/activities: Consuming sports on a nightly basis, writing, competing in various backyard sports and reading. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family (don't we all) and favor a weekend at the beach if my schedule permits. 

Greg’s work appears on:, The Harrisburg Patriot-News and on a daily basis. 

Follow Greg on Twitter @GregPickel

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