Ohio University — adviser: Justice B. Hill,

Oklahoma State University — Adviser: Ted Kian,

University of Alabama at Birmingham — Adviser: Marie Sutton,

University of Maryland — adviser: Beth Mechum,

Virginia Tech University — adviser: Erik Hall,


Student chapters must apply and be approved by a vote of the APSE executive committee. To fulfill requirements to submit an APSE student chapter application, a prospective chapter must secure:

*Student chapters must apply and be approved by a vote of the APSE executive committee. To fulfill requirements to submit an APSE student chapter application, a prospectivechapter must secure:

*A faculty member who will serve as chapter adviser (chapter adviser pays the educator dues fee of $100 upon approval of chapter application by APSE executive committee)

*A roster of interested chapter members, their academic classification and email addresses. No minimum number of chapter members is required, unless a certain number of members is required by the university to become an official student organization. Student chapter members do not have to pay APSE dues, though chapters can set dues for their own use.

*A list of officers or potential officers. A proposed president for the chapter must be in place at time of application. It is recommended that each chapter also include a vice president and a secretary/treasurer.

*An essay stating why you seek to establish an APSE student chapter and what you hope to achieve through affiliation with APSE. The essay should include details about the adviser’s involvement in the student chapter and also note any professional APSE members who have indicated their willingness to participate in your chapter.

*Written proof from your university that your chapter has or will seek to be recognized by your university as an official student organization. Also include requirements regarding such recognition that APSE should know about.



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