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Outgoing APSE president Tim Stephens: Much progress made, still more work to do

Text from the closing address of outgoing APSE president Tim Stephens, delivered June 28, 2014, at the awards banquet to conclude the APSE Summer Conference in Arlington, Va.

APSE 2014: Day 4 Gallery

Photography by Kara Frame

APSE 2014: Diversify your network, your newsroom

To survive an increasingly competitive and ever changing industry, editors are encouraged to expand their networks in order to diversify their newsrooms.

APSE 2014: Giving readers instant information gratification

With the growing popularity of reporting through social media, publications can push out news within minutes of when it breaks, satisfying subscribers’ craving for instant information gratification.

APSE 2014: Preparing for the slow days

No matter how big or small your market, sometimes there are just days where there isn't much going on. The session "quick and easy ways to generate content for slow days" seeks to alleviate any concerns, especially in cities without professional or major college sports teams.

APSE 2014: Open records requests — secrets from the AP

There is an art and a discipline to filing open-records requests that yield actionable information in a timely matter. And in "this age of spin," The Associated Press' Ted Bridis argues public records and data are powerful accountability tools.

APSE 2014: Wendell Smith honored as Red Smith Award winner

Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest sports stories, and the man at the forefront in telling that story was sportswriter Wendell Smith. He played an integral part in the early part of Robinson’s career, and the two were intertwined for the rest of their lives. For Smith’s trailblazing work, he was awarded the Red Smith Award on Friday, accepted by writer and historian Larry Lester.

APSE 2014: Skills you can use — how to make a cat GIF

When used correctly, GIFs can be an influential news tool. Well, unless it’s a cat GIF.

APSE 2014: Successful managers carefully tend relationships

Management 3.0: If you hear your journalists say, “I can’t believe they pay me to do this” you just might be doing something right.