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Kaplan says ‘it’s our turn’ at APSE

Editor’s note: This is the text of APSE President Phil Kaplan’s speech on Saturday night at the awards banquet in Salt Lake City. A few people to thank. Toby Carrig: The champion of the small newspaper sports editor. Always looking out to make sure fairness and opportunities exist on all levels. Jerry Micco and Glen Crevier: Past APSE presidents and convention hosts. Still involved with APSE and two people I can always count on for great advice. Lynn Hoppes: So glad Lynn could be here tonight. Lynn started the revolution for me. I credit him for giving me the springboard for APSE.

Albom: Be curious, be skeptical, be careful, be right

Editor’s note: This is the text of 2010 APSE Red Smith Hall of Fame Award winner Mitch Albom's acceptance speech on Friday afternoon at the Red Smith Award Luncheon in Salt Lake City.

Howard says farewell to office with legacy strong

Editor's note: This is the text of outgoing APSE President Garry D. Howard's speech on Saturday night at the awards banquet in Salt Lake City.

Multimedia from the convention

Workshop materials and videos from 2010 Convention in Salt Lake City.

From the convention: Investigative reporting and how you can do it

SALT LAKE CITY — Rachel George had researched the old football house, done her interviews, and she knew full well that it could have collapsed at any moment when high school students were allowed to go inside. But it was only when she started assembling her final piece when it really hit her: Her story was going to ripple in her community.

From the convention: Exploiting prep coverage on the web and in print

SALT LAKE CITY — With prep coverage seeing some of the same cutbacks in the past few years as the rest of the sports section – such as reduced staffing and a shrinking news hole – websites have become a home for some traditional coverage and has provided new opportunities.

April 5, June 27 mandatory dates for 2010 contest

Monday, April 5 and Sunday, June 27 are the first two mandatory dates selected for the 2010 Associated Press Sports Editors contest, first vice president and contest coordinator Michael Anastasi announced Saturday.

Interaction is convention theme

SALT LAKE CITY — The 37th-annual gathering also creates optimism for the future of APSE and the profession. The group meets in Boston for the 2011 convention.

From the convention: To improve your site, be consistent, be quick, be right and...

SALT LAKE CITY — “The audience is everywhere — all over the world,” Donna Eyring says. “People want to know everything right now. We have to get the news to them how they want it.”

From the convention: Utah panelists discuss how BCS can be improved

SALT LAKE CITY — A week after Utah joined the Pac-10 and nationwide speculation of BCS super conferences surged, Utah football coach Kyle Whittingham gave his prediction of the future of college football. “This is just phase one of conference expansion,” Whittingham said. “I don’t see it going anywhere other than that direction. There will be super conferences not inside three years and not outside 10 years.”